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Adrienne Mishler’s Yoga Mat Spray

As part of a self-care themed day off work I decided to have a go at making Adrienne Mishler’s Yoga Mat Spray. If you haven’t yet seen any of Adrienne’s Yoga with Adrienne videos I urge you to ditch this blog right now and watch one. But please come back. I need the external gratification of your presence.

When Adrienne posted this mat cleaning spray recipe I knew I wanted to have a go. I already had a collection of blue glass bottles that I bought with the intention of making my own skincare products (the intention still exists but the timeline is somewhat stretched out…)

The recipe is simple and uses only a few ingredients:

Distilled water
Essential Oils

Distilled water seems surprisingly difficult to get hold of in the UK. I got very confused about what it actually was and ended up buying a bottle of Smart Water which is vapour distilled in the hope that it would suffice. I don;t like buying plastic bottles of water but this one will be going a long way. I hope to find a better source in the future (any help would be great!)

The recipe calls for the bottle to be 3/4 filled with distilled water.  This adorable funnel was found at a food store last year.

Adrienne states alcohol free witch-hazel but this is the only one I could find and I already had it in my cupboard so here we go!

I filled the remaining 1/4 of the bottle.

Adrienne suggests a few combination of essential oils for antibacterial, calming, invigorating properties. I went with Eucalyptus essential oil and added 5 (ish) drops as well as Pink Grapefruit essential oil – another 5 (ish) drops. Anyone got any tips on controlling the amount of drops entering the bottle?

This spray can then be spritzed onto your mat and wiped down with a cloth. My mat now smells lovely and hopefully is a little less unsanitary to smoosh my face into.

Has anyone else made this? What combination of oils did you go for? Any UK friends have any tips on getting distilled water or alcohol free witch-hazel?


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  1. Thank you for writing thisinformation.

  2. I'm glad you've found it useful!

  3. Thank you for this sharing infomation. I don't know how to clean my yoga mat before.

  4. Happy to help! Adrienne posts some lovely stuff on her Youtube channel – you should check it out if you haven't already!

  5. The witch hazel is hard to find here. Is there anything that can replace the witch hazel?
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  6. Hi, I'm not sure what else will work instead of witch hazel but here is the original recipe from Adrienne: I hope it helps!

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