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Birthday Weekend in Winchester with my Instax

So far my 28th year is panning out pretty well. Last weekend my family tribe and I went to Winchester to celebrate both mine and my Mum’s birthdays. It’s fairly standard for our family to celebrate birthdays with a visit to a pretty city for views, history, architecture, food and shopping. Sometimes it’s Brighton (the weekend before), Stroud, London or Lewes but this time Winchester was the order of the day.

Apparently Winchester has the has the highest rate of life satisfaction in the country. Now I can believe this: the city is beautiful, the cafe culture is heaven and the history is rich and palpable. Plus everyone seems to live in a mansion, so I’m sure that helps.

I started my day off opening my birthday present from my sister and brother in law: a lime green Instax mini camera. My hipsterdom is growing at an alarming rate and it’s fabulous. It takes heavenly credit-card-sized polaroid pictures that have the high-key retro charm of days gone by. The shots are limited and therefore every picture has to count. So far I’ve taken four, one of which is a failed attempt at a low light mirror selfie that ended up looking like a mystical keyhole in space, but it’s a one off and it’s ‘abstract’ now. No pressing the delete button and trying again.

I miss having a real film camera. One day, my dad brought me home a chunky black film camera and I put a big orange sticker with my name on it. There was something so special about choosing each shot and waiting for the film to be developed. This Instax camera brings some of that feeling back (but without having to wait weeks for negatives to be developed – hooray!)

Everywhere you look in Winchester there’s a new view. Tiny winding alleys lead to rivers which read to parks which lead to castles and cathedrals.

I will definitely be back to Winchester for the Tudor Tour and the Jane Austen Tour, to see ‘King Arthur’s Round Table’ and Winchester Cathedral. I will also be back for the crazy-amazing shops and this mossy wall of dreams:

P.S. Charity shops in Winchester are INcredible. I picked up THIS House of Holland budgie sweatshirt for £3.50 and a pair of navy Kurt Geiger heels for £10.  Budgies and heels for £13.50? Winchester, you little beauty.


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