DIY Multi Purpose Cleaner

Why do we have so many cleaners for our home? Do I need a separate cleaner for my kitchen surfaces and my bathroom surfaces? I’ve always been a little wary of cleaning products and prefer to buy brands such as Ecover and Method but now I’ve gone one step further by making my own multi purpose spray! It’s all part of my personal campaign to keep a healthier lifestyle for myself, those around me and for the planet. 

This one was a pretty simple start and I already had all of the ingredients! I got the recipe from the Telegraph online – I used recipe 2 from the article because I have a huge clump of rosemary in the garden that I love to pick and use. Thanks Sarah Lonsdale from the Telegraph!

The recipe uses vinegar as its main component – I use vinegar to clean a lot already. It’s the only thing that can get the limescale off our shower glass! To this recipe is added bicarbonate of soda (I keep an out of life pot under the sink for cleaning), tea tree oil and a drop of washing up liquid.

I’ll admit, I did have to open the windows in the house whilst making this as the smell of vinegar was quite potent… but once it;s used as a spray the vinegar smell is very mild and the small of rosemary and tea tree are more prominent.  The tea tree and rosemary are antiseptic and antibacterial without the need for synthetic chemicals.

When the cleaner was made, I poured it back into the original glass vinegar bottle and screwed on an old spray lid I had saved. It fit perfectly and eradicates more disposable plastic from the house!

So far, so good. Right – I’m off to whittle some salad servers and concoct a sourdough starter…



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  1. Nice blog!! Thanks for posting it.

  2. Thanks Debra 🙂 Update: the cleaner did go a little brown after a couple of months but it still worked well!

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