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Eco Friendly Bathroom Swaps

As part of my attempt to lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle I am trying to reduce the waste I produce. At this stage, it is fairly clear that I will never be able to achieve a zero waste lifestyle (zero waste printing ink anyone?) but that doesn’t stop me from trying to cut down my use of single-use plastic and disposables as much as I can. Recently, I have focussed my attention on the bathroom and am making small, easy changes to the products I use. Here’s how I am getting on so far!

In the Shower

Whoosh Shower Jelly from Lush – this jelly smells amazing and is great fun to use in the shower as it slips all over the damn place. The tub can be returned to Lush to be recycled! This shower jelly lasts for ages and cuts out the need for a plastic bottle BUT as a next step I will try to find shower soaps that have either no packaging or just a paper wrap.

Jason and the Argon Oil Shampoo Bar from Lush – a frighteningly pink shampoo bar that smells of rose and lathers up a treat in the shower, cleaning my hair without leaving any oily residue behind. I’ve just switched from Lush’s Seanik shampoo bar which just ran out after about 8 months (!) I loved the bright blue Seanik bar and wanted to see if this one was just as good. I also have a reusable tin from Lush to keep the bar dry in between uses – also great for travelling.

Big Solid Conditioner from Lush – volumising and gentle, a little goes a long way BUT I’m going to level with you: I bought this last week and have only used it once so I can hardly write a conclusive review. So far so good though! I also have a Lush tin to keep this one dry and my wash-bag from getting slimy.

On my Face

Charcoalogy Soap – this detoxifying soap was from TKMaxx and works wonders on my skin, removing excess oil but without leaving it dry. I wrote about this soap when I bought it and was disappointed that inside its paper box, it was wrapped in a plastic film – still, it’s better than throwing away a plastic bottle and lasts MUCH longer.

Resuable Cotton Rounds – why oh why did I spend so many years throwing away cotton pads? These reusable ones just go in a jar and get thrown in the wash once a week in their little mesh bag.

A flannel – stop wasting tissue and cotton pads! Remember flannels from when you were a sticky faced child? They still exist so go grab one.

For my Period

Mooncup – Tampons are gross, disposable and frankly quite weird. Mooncups aren’t as freaky as they sound so give one a try ok?

Reusable Sanitary Towels – Popper a reusable sanitary towel round your knickers and go about your day in the knowledge that you’re throwing one less thing away. Note: not great for really hot days…

Natracare Sanitary Towels and Panty Liners: for those days where a mooncup or reusables just aren’t get-at-able these Natracare pads are organic and don’t contain any nasties.

For my Teeth

Bamboo Toothbrush – I love these bamboo handled toothbrushes as they don’t litter the ocean with plastic waste. They’re great for travelling too! I do, however use an electric toothbrush too as I’ve had a few issues with my teeth (who the hell invented wisdom teeth anyway?) so I have to be super careful my teeth are well cleaned. Has anyone got any suggestions for eco-friendly electric toothbrush hacks? I also currently sometimes use a standard sensitive toothpaste for the same reason as I can’t seem to find any eco versions for sensitivity…

Atomic Tooth Powder from Lush –  tastes a little weird until you get used to it but leaves your mouth feeling so clean.

Dirty Toothy Tabs from Lush – perfect for travelling. Just chew up a tab and start brushing. My advice though? Make sure you crush the tab with your teeth only as if you chew it for too long it tastes pretty funky.

Activated Charcoal Toothpaste – Keeps my teeth white and shiny.

Also in my Bathroon

Safety Razor – Like so many others I was sick of throwing away plastic razor blades after paying a fortune for them. A safety razor should last forever and the blades are really cheap and recyclable. I have to be a little more careful about shaving and make sure I use lots of coconut oil on my skin first to avoid irritation.

Soap –  It’s so much prettier to have a dainty dish with a bar of hand soap on the sink. Lots of soaps come in card packaging or no packaging at all so that’s one less plastic bottle to throw away.

recycling Bin – It has made a big difference separating out our bathroom waste into recycling and landfill. We’ve got a little pedal bin for landfill waste and a basket for recycling. It’s never nice to go through a bathroom bin and sort out recycling so having two bins alleviates this and makes sure that everything that can be recycled will be, leaving very little going to landfill.

Has anyone got any good low waste bathroom ideas? I’m doing well but there’s a way to go yet!


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