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Getting Back into Yoga

It seems like forever since I went to a yoga class. I started yoga a couple of years ago and immediately took to it. Now please don’t get me wrong – my body did not immediately take to it. I am not naturally bendy or strong. I’ve got pigeon toes and bad posture. I cannot do a single press up or touch my toes. Ever. But that’s really not the point I promise you. There’s just something about taking some time to breathe, focus on your body and slow your mind. If you’re that way inclined there can be essential oils, crystals and meditating. If not, there can be crunches and planks and sit ups. It’s difficult and sweaty and relaxing and frustrating and calming and rewarding. My last weekly yoga class was cancelled in April and my entire body has basically seized up since then. A few times I’ve tried to do a bit of yoga at home. Yoga with Adriene on YouTube is amazing. Her videos are funny and soothing but it’s so easy to give up when it gets too hard and there’s no one to keep me accountable. Plus, my mind always begins to wander when I’m not in a class. What should we have for dinner? I should put some washing on. This carpet needs a hoover. Is Ackley Bridge back on tonight? In the words of Lorelei Gilmore ‘hockey puck, rattle snake, monkey, monkey, underpants!’

I found another local yoga teacher via Instagram who is starting a new class next week. I’m excited to get back into it for for my mind and my body. It’s going to take a while to get back to the level of fitness I had three months ago but I’m excited to have that time and space each week to focus on the moment.

Can you do yoga at home without getting distracted? HOW?


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