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Going Eco: a Truthful Update

You may have read in September this year, that I am attempting to assuage my consumer guilt by reducing my environmental impact. In order to do this without overwhelming myself and therefore ultimately failing, I am trying to make small changes and be more aware of the way in which I live and how that impacts upon the environment.

I have written before about breaking down large problems and finding tiny solutions to chip away at it. I began then, in May, to try to reduce my landfill output by using reusable face pads instead of disposable ones and stopping buying plastic water bottles. In September, I made a few conscious purchases to further lessen my environmental impact.

So, I may as well be honest here. This is, after all, my blog and I’m in charge of it. So if there is anyone reading it you may as well know what’s really going on. Here’s a breakdown of what has and hasn’t worked for me on this quest for an eco lifestyle, failings and all:

Solid Shampoo Bars

I bought a Lush solid shampoo bar for £6 and was quite pleased with it. I did, however, find that my roots were greasy after a day which is not normal for me. I endeavoured to be more thorough next time, which I was. My hair still didn’t stay too clean for long and, being the lazy washer that I am, I’ve started using the solid shampoo about only every third shower. Not a triumph yet.

Glass Fridge Jug

Love it. I’ve got two. One has never had anything it in and the other gets filled with tap water when I remember and put on the table for dinner parties. Must try harder…

Almond Oil

I’m sure it’s a fabulous oil for skin. Haven’t tried it yet…

Charcoal Soap

I bought Charcoalogy soap from TK Maxx and love it. It leaves my skin squeaky clean but not dried out. I did mention that I am a lazy washer so I do only use it a couple of times a week.

Reusable Cotton Pads

Now these I do use every day. I use them to cleanse my face with my micelar water, and to tone too. (I have bought witch-hazel to tone with but haven’t yet).


I have toothy tabs from Lush for travelling but they taste vile and I’ve yet to get used to them. I also have their Atomic Tooth Powder which is better. But I love my Kiing Activated Charcoal Toothpaste that came from a vegan festival in Portsmouth. I haven’t been using it every time I brush my teeth but a few times a week so far. It’s minty and satisfyingly black

Natracare Panty Liners and Sanitary Towels

The next best thing to non-disposables. These cotton pads are so much better than anything else I have found on the market. Team these with my MoonCup and a period is a dream (well, less of a nightmare than usual).

DIY Multi Purpose Cleaner

I made this one which works great but smells very strongly of vinegar (go figure) and has gone a less-instagrammable brown colour now…

Glass Containers

Mostly used for display in the kitchen to be honest but I’m also getting better at using them for fridge food storage.

Water Bottles

I have a reusable bottle that I bring everywhere with me with the exception of my holiday in Barcelona where I bought bottled water almost every day… I slipped! Forgive me.

Has anyone got any tips or recommendations? I’m loving trying to change my lifestyle but am struggling an some areas. Any haircare tips? That seems like the hardest part!


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  1. Great post! It is really hard to change our way of life and become zero waste or close to that. Even small changes make a good impact on the environment and your post shows that it`s not that easy as many would say. You are asking about haircare tips and I can tell you my recipe for homemade shampoo:

    Pour 1/4 cup of organic liquid castile soap into a bottle or container. Add 1 tsp. of pure vegetable glycerin, 1/4 cup of organic aloe vera gel and 1/4 tsp. of an organic oil such as avocado oil, olive oil оr sunflower oil to the bottle. Finally shake the bottle very well until the ingredients are thoroughly blended.
    Hope you like it 🙂

  2. Thanks Scott! I'm still working on my small changes and including more and more each week. Thanks for the recipe! I was wondering what people actually do with castile soap as I see it everywhere. x

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