Grown Up Decisions – Living Room

My partner and I are currently doing up our house. We are in a lucky state of renting-with-benefits as we are allowed to make cosmetic changes to the house which is heavenly. First on the list: the living room. This room has been used as a bedroom for the last few years and so has had all the pleasure of spilled cups of tea and melted candles on the carpet. Solution? Take up the carpet!
I do not like carpets. It’s not that I don’t think they look good (although I mostly prefer rooms without) but I can’t really live with them. Fabric on the floor? It’s never really made a lot of sense to me. Having grown up in a house with gorgeous wooden floors with just the right amount of beaten up charm, I find it difficult to function in a house with carpets. I’m too messy. If I can’t scrape a blob of printing ink or emulsion paint off the floor it just ain’t gonna work. 
Here’s how our living room looked in Saturday morning:
We had just come back from Ford car boot sale with the heavenly carved mirror pictured at the top of the page and were in the mood to get stuck in to a House Project. The room had already been painted freshly white (see Sara Tasker’s How to Live in a White House) including the fireplace which had been raw, dated brick. The ugly tiles around the fireplace have also been removed, later to be replaced by a big chunk of slate from Tom’s parents!
The floorboards were in surprisingly good condition apart from one corner where they have been a bit butchered to fit a radiator. They’d look beautiful restored and sanded but alas, that’s big money and skills we don’t have so we’re going to opt for scandi-painted boards instead. 
Here’s The Current Plan:
Sofa: Ikea, Stocksund – we may actually get this exact one
Lampshade: a gorgeous Trouva shade that was given to me by my sister and bro-in-law
Rug: Old New House – a US company but something like this would be perfect
Hanging Light: Olive & the Fox – I got Tom one similar to this and we’re planning to hang it by an armchair
Throw: this is a fancy one from Houzz 
Until then, our house will look like this:
Any suggestions? Has anyone else had a go at painting floors? I’d love some colour suggestions!

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