I’m Drowning in Stuff

My parents have decided to clear out two of the bedrooms in our home to turn them into nicer spaces to be. These two rooms were my own and my sister’s bedrooms when we were growing up and my rooms when I was studying for my degree. We both go home a lot and bring our partners too so we still use our bedrooms all the time. Over the years they’ve gotten a liiiiiittle cluttered. We’re both artistic and creative, really into books, antiques and homewares so have always had a lot of STUFF to cater for these passions. We both now have our own houses (rented, obvs, millenials) but we’ve conveniently (for us) left a lot of stuff in our own rooms. My sister has taken most of her stuff and so is off the hook but because I used those rooms for a lot longer, my stuff is EVERYWHERE. I lived in Oxford for three years and in that time collected a lot of kitchenware which was stored under the bed.

These past few weekends I’ve been helping my dad clear the rooms so that they can be decorated and made beautiful again! This is a fairly rubbish job. The beginning is all very exciting – big bags of recyclable paper, obvious charity shop fodder, definite keeps. It’s the stuff that doesn’t have a home that’s frustrating. Where does it go?

I’ve fantasised about Marie-Kondo-ing my house and reducing my material possessions to the bare minimum. The thing is though, I am not a minimalist. I love stuff. I love a car boot sale. I’m nostalgic beyond the point of reason. Everything frickin’ sparks joy. I can’t do it. What I will try to do is donate or sell things I don’t need and show off the things I love. These print trays are our ‘treasure boxes’ where we show off all of our tiny valuable valueless possessions.

One step at a time huh?


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