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My Eco Friendly Christmas Presents This Year

You’ve already heard me talk about my recent eco-efforts. I decided that I needed to make lots of small changes to my lifestyle and hoped that they would add up towards a positive ecological impact. I’m trying to use less plastic, waste less and use things more consciously.

I adore Christmas. I know that it’s hugely commercialised and can sometimes be overtaken by the desperate shopping trips and needless buying but I find pleasure in searching for things I think my loved ones will like (of course until the last week where I prowl round the shops with panic in my eyes like everyone else). I am also very lucky to have friends and family who know me extremely well. This year, my supportive, like-minded family have chosen amazing Christmas presents, many of which will help me keep things a little more eco.

This post is going to come across pretty braggy but I wanted to show you some of my new things that will help me on my eco-quest this year:

These handkerchiefs were made by my partner’s Mum (using some Grayson Perry fabric!) I’m going to try to get into the habit of keeping a couple of these in my bag wherever I go, using less disposable tissues, cloths and napkins.

Bee’s Wraps helps you cut back on cling film and foil! The waxed fabric can cover bowls and dishes, wrap snacks and lunches and can be washed in cold water to be used again and again!

I’ve been trying to go paperless in our kitchen for a while now. These new cloths will live in a basket by the sink, on hand for spills and clean ups. That should mean no paper towels in the bin. We’ve got a little wash bin on the kitchen floor for all the cloths so they’re ready to go into the next wash.

Hair towel wraps are a revelation. Those of you with long hair may know the struggle of balancing a heavy towel on your head whilst trying to get dressed. A towel wrap is small and shaped to twist and fasten around your head with a toggle. This one is made from eco bamboo, is wrapped in only cardboard and comes with a head band for face washing and make up application. And it’s so soft.

Wooden washing up brushes are replacing my plastic ones. The brush on the right even has a reusable handle for when the bristles run out.

So it turns out that plastic toothbrushes are a big pollutant. These eco brushes are made from quick growing bamboo and can be composted after use!

Beeswax candles are less polluting than paraffin wax and some say they even clean the air as they burn!

My new stove top kettle will stop the electric kettle switch being flipped over and over every evening.

This glass teapot stand is perfect for my cast iron diffuser teapot…

… that I’ll fill with this Whittard’s loose leaf Passionfruit and Mango Tea (did you know teabags contain plastic?) When on the go or at work, I’ve got this new deathly hallows diffuser!

Adorable wooden pins for my noticeboard in a tiny glass jar. I’ve also got my eye on this jar for handbag sized peanut butter portions because handbag peanut butter is a thing.

This Aloe vera soap smells amazing and is wrapped in recyclable paper and string.

I’m looking forward to using all of these things for a long time. I feel a little like I’ve just started school with a backpack of new books and stationery to help me along the way.

Please comment with any eco-friendly presents you received this year – or any year! I’d love to hear your recommendations for a more sustainable lifestyle. If anyone would like any more information on any of the gifts above I can ask the person who gave it to me and let you know!

Sorry for all the humble-bragging…


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