Roasted Chickpeas

There are lots of recipes for roasted chickpeas online and I’d like to take a minute to sing their praises. Last night I was ravenous as a busy day had caused me to skip lunch (I had a milkshake and a chocolate bar to keep me going…) I opened a tin of chickpeas, seasoned them up and shoved them in the oven whilst I assembled and chopped various fridged items into pretty little bowls. By the time I had done this I had crispy spiced chickpeas ready from the over to spike my salad and shove into a wrap. Here’s how I made mine:

1 tin of chickpeas
1tsp oil (vegetable, sunflower, olive, coconut, rapeseed, whatever)
1tsp sumac
Shake of cayenne paper
Sprinkle of salt (pink for added smugness)
Excessive grind of black pepper

Drain and rinse the chickpeas. Discard any of the loose chickpea skins that appear on top of the colander. Give them a shake in a clean tea towel to get rid of some of the moisture. Tip out onto a baking tray. Drizzle on about a teaspoon of any oil you have around and then sprinkle on your seasoning. This time I used sumac which is lovely and fruity (I ate so much of this in Cyprus thanks to the culinary skills of a friend from France), cayenne pepper for a kick, salt and pepper. Sometimes I like to make curried chickpeas with cumin and turmeric. Give the tray a shake and stick in the oven at 180C for about 15 minutes.

Spike salads, fill wraps, snack straight from the bowl. Last night these were tossed into a wholemeal wrap with hummus, green leaves, sliced apple, flax seed and avocado.


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