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Slowing Down at the Allotment for Fathers’ Day

I love not having plans.

There’s nothing I love better than a weekend with nothing in the diary. Last weekend was Fathers’ Day and I had no plans other than to spend the days with my Mum and Dad down the allotment. My parents have an allotment and it’s a little piece of heaven. They work really hard to make it a lovely place to be and it’s at the stage now at the end of June where you can just potter. A bit of weeding there, watering here, pick some flowers, eat a radish. It slows your mind down and allows you to put everything into perspective.

On Saturday me and Tom headed over to weed the plot. Mum had made sweetcorn chowder which we heated on the camping stove and ate with a hunk of bread from the market.

On Sunday we cleared out the shed. Talk about catharsis.

I highly recommend making no plans and going outside.


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