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When I started this year with Veganuary I didn’t know whether or not I would carry on eating only a plant based diet. I thought it was more likely that I would cut down on dairy from day to day and occasionally eat a standard vegetarian diet. I hoped that I would eat less chocolate and less cheese and generally make healthier and more ecological choices. But what I’ve found so far has surprised me:

Every craving I have (I am ruled by cravings) can be satisfied with vegan food. If I want something sweet I can have chocolate, sweets, ice cream or fruit. If I want something carby and savoury I can have marmite and almond butter on toast. If I want something cheesy I can make a cheesy sauce or sprinkle nooch on my food. I can have pizza, cake, doughnuts, lasagne and burgers. Yes, sometimes I can’t have what I want right away, sometimes I need to shop around, sometimes I need to make it myself, but I can have it. I don’t feel restricted or deprived. And hey, a little patience is good for me – I can’t have that ice cream but if I go to Aldi I can get a tub of their amazing chocolate coconut ice cream. Plus, pretty much the only non-vegan food I ate before was kinda junky so having a little less of that can only be a good thing. It’s easy to not eat things because you just don’t eat them – do you see? Croissant? No thanks, I don’t eat those. Taadaa

We are 54 days in and so far so good.



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