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Vegfest Brighton Shopping Haul

My goodness I love a food fair. Free samples? Yes please. Independent retailers and small businesses? Hey there. Presents to myself? You shouldn’t have.

Last month we filled our backpacks with reusable totes and headed down to Vegfest in Brighton. This vegan food festival is packed full of vegan businesses, ethical companies and natural products. I went with my Mum and sister to the event and I am happy to report that we did not go home empty handed. Or empty bellied. It should go without saying that this post doesn’t contain any affiliate links (I’m a little fish in a big pond don’t you know) so everything you see below is just to show you what we bought and how awesome it was:

This Aluna Rum was too tempting to walk past. It’s an organic, low sugar coconut rum and we bought it simply because it was delicious. Think posh Malibu but without the teenage flashbacks and sugar headaches.

These Conscious Chocolate bars were a pleasant surprise. They’re creamy and almost fudgey with the light sweetness of a milk chocolate bar but free from dairy, refined sugar, gluten, soya, jealousy, greed, spite and envy.  They come hand wrapped in biodegradable, compostable packaging so it would be rude to planet earth and MOTHER NATURE HERSELF not to buy five bars.

Three of these cruelty free, vegan FRUU lip balms came home with us but only one made it to the photograph as the others disappeared into the handbags of my Mum and sister. We got to smell so many flavours we nearly burst a blood vessel just narrowing it down to three.

I’ve had a little obsession with henna since my student days in Oxford. Doodling this heady-smelling paste onto hands and feet in dots, flowers and squiggles marks the height of summer for me. I was very happy to buy a fresh batch from Tolfa, an animal hospital and rescue centre in India, and can’t wait to squiggle it all over myself and sister for this year’s Chilli Fiesta at West Dean Gardens.

THESE MOO FREE EGGS WERE ONLY £2.50 JUST IN TIME FOR EASTER. My sister got Mum and I honeycomb and orange flavoured eggs and I miss them every day now they’re gone.

Tea Huggers let me sniff all their tea bags before picking out three perfect flavours. I’m a big fan of loose leaf tea (it makes me feel fancy) but these biodegradable tea bags are perfect for at work or on the go in my reusable cup.

It wouldn’t be a food fair without condaments and these Briscoe’s Jellies made from locally sourced ingredients will go with evrrrythang.

I’ve been using natural deodorant for about 9 months now and I’m fairly confident that if I smelled someone would have told me by now. My underarms are smoother and moisturised and there are no nasty ingredients to worry about. I use The Natural Deodorant Company but these lovely Indigenous Beauty deodorants were at Vegfest and they smell amazing so we bought one for Mum and one for my sister to try.  It’s an easy eco swap and adds a little more pampering to their morning routines.

Vegan cheese that tastes sharp! Kinda Co. make a farmhouse cheese that satisfies that tangy sharpness craving that I’ve been having. This was gone within two days.

I love the ritual of making a pot of tea. Green Tea Artisan make gorgeous teas that deserve much more than a rushed gulp from a chunky mug.  Dust off your cast iron infuser teapots ladies and gentlemen. This popcorn matcha blew our tiny minds.

HOW can I resist a slogan T? This 100% plant powered shirt will increase my smugness tenfold as I downward dog myself through a yoga class. It’s also a loose fit so will hide my view of my heels reaching nowhere near the ground.

My sister snagged this heavenly cruelty free t-shirt to wear at her yoga class. We will also NOT tolerate judgement if we just wear them to eat pizza on a Saturday night. You have no right, sir.

This little bracelet was my final treat purchase of the event, not to wear in activism or to show off, but as a small visual reminder to myself to keep going and keep trying to make small positive differences every day.


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